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Specializing in all types of power switch design/development/production
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    LiuJun Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in Taiwan in 1993, specializing in various types of power switch design, development and manufacturing production; current products are: Rocker type power switch, push button power switch, rotary power switch, sliding (voltage ) Switch ...... and other series, and through the European and American countries of the regulatory certification. We have accumulated many years of R & D knowledge and market experience, in addition to its own products……
    With more than 20 years of professional manufacturing experience
    Founded in Taiwan in 1993 and registered in mainland China in 2007, it specializes in the design, R&D and manufacturing of various types of power switches
    The company acquired Shenzhen Fulilong in October 2015, and the two companies merged to operate
    In addition to its own products, customers are also welcome to jointly design products
    Professional production inspection equipment, quality assurance
    The combined operation of the two companies has expanded their productivity and quality management capabilities, and has high-speed weighing bed injection molding machines, energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometers (ROHS detectors), switches, automatic socket assembly machines and other equipment, and the products have passed the safety certification of European and American countries. ,satisfy customer's request
    Continuously develop and innovate to manufacture excellent products
    Accumulated years of R&D knowledge and market experience, have independent products
    Customers are also welcome to jointly design products and provide OEM&ODM services
    Can better and better provide new and old customers with excellent products and perfect services
    Welcome customers to design products, and provide OEM & ODM services
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