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    Dongguan switch manufacturers teach you how to correctly use the touch switch

    Today, the application of touch switch has become increasingly large, market demand continues to be good, and competition between businesses more and more intense, mainly in the production of specialization, automation is growing. How to correctly use the touch switch, many people in the use of touch switch there are many errors. Dongguan switch manufacturers below details about the use of several methods of touch switch, the specific content is as follows:
    Method 1, dust countermeasures
    Do not use this product in a dusty location because it is a switch that does not have a sealed construction. In the case of use, protective measures such as covering should be considered.
    Method two, on the preservation
    When storing the switch, do not store in a place subject to high temperature, high humidity, direct sunlight, or corrosive gas in order to prevent discoloration of the terminals.
    Method three, methods of operation
    Switch manufacturers prompt you not to impose strong repeated operation. If the plunger is pressed further, the excessive load weight may cause the deformation of the circular panel spring to cause a malfunction. Particularly, when an excessive load is applied to the lateral pressure type, the riveted portion may be damaged, and the switch may be damaged. Therefore, when installing and operating the touch switch, be careful not to add a load weight higher than the load (29.4N, 1 minute, 1 time). Press the plunger to set the direction of operation in the vertical direction. Only one side of the plunger, or the oblique operation port, may result in a decrease in durability.
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